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With the wide spread of smart phones equipped with GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth sensors, Location Based Service (LBS) has become one of critical services for smart phone vendors, service providers, and users to date. Real time localization using GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth signals is an essential pre-step for location based services. Zigbee, RFID, or UWB can be commonly used for localization as well if they are attached to or integrated with smart phones. Among them, due to cost and coverage, we have been extensively studying and developing techniques for WiFi-based Real Time Locating System (RTLS) for the last several years.

As a result, we developed a WiFi based indoor localization system, Elekspot, utilizing collective intelligence (http://www.elekspot.com). It provides localization services and  it supports one to develop various indoor location based applications by providing location APIs.

We also developed a WiFi-based indoor navigation system. The system was  released to the public integrated with myCoex (http://www.coex.co.kr). It is known as the first commercial WiFi-based indoor navigation system applied to such a large COEX area in real fields. 
Current and Future Researches

Based on the techniques, systems, and platforms for indoor localization developed at ISI Lab., we will continue to develop new techniques and services for WiFi based RTLS. Reliable and robust WiFi based indoor localization techniques and tools, seemless integration of indoor and outdoor navigation systems, location based Social Networking Service (SNS), location based app store, and constructing grand-scale WiFi radio map convering villages, cities, and nations are within the scope of our current and future researches.

Research Reselts and Activities

ISI Lab is leading Indoor Positioning Research Center (IPRC) which was founded at KAIST in 2011. Developing advanced techniques for WiFi-based indoor localization and navigation and inventing services on smartphones using location informaton are the main activities of IPRC. Based on our experiences and ideas w
e have published many papers, acquired dozens of patents, and released several products to the public via journals, conferences, and mass media. The following is the list of news web sites and video clips introducing our research activities and results.   

  • WiFi based indoor localization(YTN, mk, chosen, donga, etnews, ...)
  • WiFi based COEX indoor navigation system (KBS, hk)
  • Elekspot: WiFi based Indoor localizaton system(Elekspot)
  • Location based working place monitoring(ftp)
  • Location based business card exchange(ftp)
  • Location based discount card recommendation(ftp)
  • papers and patents(publication)

Contact Us

ISI Lab. is seeking students and researchers who would like to study Real Time Locating System (RTLS) or IT-based convergence technologies in master, Ph.D., or post Doc levels.  Anyone, who is interested in the study of mobile applications or services on smart phones, may contact Prof. Dongsoo Han(dshan[at]kaist.ac.kr).  Updated on May 2012.

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