The primary research theme of ISI Lab. is real time locating system(RTLS). Especially we are interested in developing Wi-Fi fingerprint based indoor positioning system. Precise radio map construction, automatic radio map updating, fingerprint interpolation, precise and reliable localization engine, filtering techniques to improve localization accuracy are the research topics we have been exploring for the last several years. We are also interesed in location based applications on smart phones such as indoor navigation, place recogintion, and location based app stores.

Many unique RTLS techniques were developed in ISILAB and they were published in papers, patents and news letters. For exmaple, we developed a Voronoi tessellation based interpolation method to reduce the effort of builing Wi-Fi radio map. We also developed several advanced filtering techniques to stabilize and to enhance the accuracy of the Wi-Fi based localization. Although we have contributed to the localization research communities by developing many techniques for localization, there are still challenging research issues remain untouched in RTLS, especially in builing grand-scale Wi-Fi radio map coverring entire viallage, city, and eventually nation. The following is the list of detailed research areas we are currently interseted in.

Research Areas

  • Wi-Fi based Indoor Positioning
    •  Grand-Scale Wi-Fi Radio Map(WRM) Building and Updating
    •  Interpolation and Encoding of WiFi Fingerprints
    •  Accurate Localization Engine
    •  Filtering Techniques(Adaptive Kalman, Signal Imputation, Delay Filters)
  • Place Recognition and Life Logging
  • Location Based App Store
  • Indoor/Subway Navigation System
  • Public Display Based Navigation System